Was haben der Godfather des Goths, Andrew Eldritch und mein SP gemeinsam?

Schaut selbst:


Looks like twins, seperated at birth, not?

I didn't know that until I saw Eldritch in that youtube vid. There was SP in Bristol, IN, dreaming of being and looking like Billy Idol, instead he looks like the Godfather of Goth.

And what do we 3 all have in common? - Its our love for Hamburg, in particular the harbor and St. Pauli!

Eldritch used to live in an expensive apartment building near the harbor with a doorman, where rent was like 2000,--DM/month. He had a great view allover the harbor and nobody was allowed to open a window ever, Andrew hates fresh air! He had lots of cats, too.

I used to spend my weekends in some discos and clubs at St. Pauli and loved it in particular, when I went with  friends/buddies, new or old, all in black leather jackets, to the only pub which was still open at 5 am for another beer, chit chat or if we just sat on the roof garden of the Clochard (SP's favorite pub) watching the sunrise.